Been invited to earn “side income” by Cento? Read this!

Please read this page if you’ve been added to a WhatsApp or a Telegram group mentioning “easy” opportunities for side income.

Recently, enterprising but highly malicious characters claiming to represent Cento have been showing up on messaging platforms like WhatsApp. These miscreants have been advertising schemes purportedly offering easy income, with the Cento Ventures* logo attached to it. These are all scams! Here are some examples of what they’ve been up to:

“Side income” offers claiming to be co-branded with TikTok:

BEWARE: Should you take these “advisors” up on their offer, you WILL eventually lose money and possibly will have your privacy compromised.

What to do:

If you’ve been added to any groups like this, please leave the group and warn your friends not to trust such invitations. If you have been invited on WhatsApp, you can click “Report and Block” to do so. Please also help us report these miscreants by:

How to be sure:

If you’re not sure about whether what you’re seeing is a scam:

See the reference to TikTok and really want to be part of TikTok merchant success story? Please have a look at first before you proceed.

Cybersecurity Notice

If this is the first time you heard of Cento Ventures, we’re a financial investment firm supporting technology startups in Southeast Asia.

Do not respond to offers that claim to be from Cento Ventures, even if they carry Cento’s brand and logo.

Cento Ventures will not contact anyone via WhatsApp or any other messaging platform and will not offer unsolicited job offers, loans, or investment opportunities.

Cento Ventures only communicates via its official email domain address:

Any requests for information, payment or invoices should be verified with a voice call to one of the Cento Ventures team members or our designated fund administrator, Bolder (